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Everyone loves a nice glass of scotch. Neat and on the rocks are the most popular around the world today. In honor of today being National Scotch Day, we wanted to give you a few ways to spice up your scotch scene.

1. Add a few drops of water
Water opens up new flavors and also lowers the intensity of the alcohol. While some think you add water when you can’t handle the scotch, adding a drop or two actually helps people discover more flavors that the whiskey has to offer.

2. Drink scotch in a cocktail
Most people enjoy scotch on its own, but some adventurous alcohol connoisseurs like to make cocktails with the smoky base. Take the Rob Roy, created in New York City more than a century ago. A simple yet elegant cocktail, has continued to be a favorite of many while still showing off the bold flavors of scotch.

If you want your scotch cocktail to be perfect, try making it with one of our Barsys devices. 

3. Treat yourself to a Glencairn glass
Visit any distillery in Scotland, and you will be tasting scotch out of one of these glasses. Specifically designed to enhance flavor, display color, and feel comfortable in your hand, this glass is the perfect tool to taste your scotch.

Did this post teach you something new about your favorite liquor? If you’re going to be measuring, creating, or experimenting with scotch or any cocktails, try out the Barsys Coaster to craft your concoction like an expert!

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