5 Reasons You Need a Coaster This Summer – Barsys

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This weekend marks the unofficial start to summer.  Summer Fridays and back yard BBQ season is among us.  Here are five reasons you need a Barsys Coaster for your summer fun.


it's on sale

Purchase your Barsys Coaster by Midnight Monday 5/31 with code '10OFF' to receive 10% off your order


we're gathering

Now that we're finally allowed to get together, it's time to make up for all the fun we missed last year. Why waste your time playing bartender when you can socialize? Give your guests the power to make their own incredible drinks so you can be the social butterfly COVID kept cooped up for a year. 


there's something for everyone

Why batch just one drink when you can make sure everyone finds something to love? With hundreds of recipes, every guest is sure to find something to fit their taste. From spirit-forward to sweet and fruity! 


it's fun

Don't throw just any party, really stand out from the usual. Anyone can offer a signature drink or put out premium liquor. Only with Barsys can you deliver a light show, cocktail education, and amazing drinks all at once!


it's portable

The Barsys smart Coaster's compact size means you can take it wherever the party is happening! Don't be stuck inside. If you have an outlet, you have a party.

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