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Your mixologist crafted your pisco sour with raw egg! Are they trying to poison you?! Is the

whole raw egg salmonella thing one big lie?! Salmonella is a risk, but just not as big of one as you probably thought growing up. Here are four reasons to say yes to eggs in your cocktails.


Most chickens are vaccinated against the disease. Unless it is present on the outside of the shell, most of the time you are in the clear.


The pasteurization process is designed to kill germs, greatly reducing any risks.

Alcohol & Lemon

Many cocktails that involve raw egg also call for acidic flavors like lemon. One study found that letting the raw egg sit in an alcohol and lemon cocktail for nine minutes destroyed bacteria and increased the safety of the drink. If you want to play it extra safe, just wait it out.


Simply put, there is a reason we love egg whites in our drinks! It creates a beautiful foam and smooth taste that cannot be beat.

If you’re in a vulnerable category, ALWAYS avoid raw egg.  As an alternative, you can use chickpea water for a similar effect.  


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