Coaster + Mixer Pack Exclusively at Williams Sonoma – Barsys

Coaster 2.0 Now Shipping!

Live today, the Barsys Coaster and Mixer pack can be ordered exclusively at Williams Sonoma.  Not available anywhere else, the package is priced at $149.95 and comes ready to pour hundreds of cocktails.

Starting October 16th, our Coaster pack can also be found in retail locations across the country. Williams Sonoma is our first brick and mortar partner and we are thrilled to introduce their customers to our Smartbar technology.  

The Barsys Coaster instantly turns cocktail lovers into home bartenders. Simply select your drink and follow the instructions on the app. Watch as the Coaster vibrantly illuminates, changing colors to indicate when to start and stop pouring each ingredient. Once the cocktail is complete, remove the glass from the Coaster and enjoy! Pair this device with our electromagnetic mixer to shake or stir your cocktails as you pour.

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