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We’ve got a new MixList for the adult substitute of water: Coffee! Filled with all time classics and some exciting newcomers, this playlist is sure to be keeping you up for all your holiday celebrations! Be sure to download the Barsys app for the full selection. 

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Charleston Breakfast Coffee

Our first pick is one that adds a sweeter note onto your beverages for this winter.  With 8 ounces of coffee, you’ll be thanking us for the extra simple syrup!

1oz Whiskey

0.5oz Simple Syrup

8oz Coffee

0.5oz Heavy Cream

Top with whipped cream

Flat White by Patron

Here’s a classic that we should all know. If you like the taste of coffee, this cocktail might make you fall in love. Ever tried Patron café liqueur? It makes this drink PERFECT! A smaller cocktail than other, this one will have you sipping on it throughout Christmas morning or night, whatever time you prefer your pick me-up.

1.5oz Café Liqueur

1.5oz Heavy Cream

1oz Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Midnight Oil

Here’s one that you have probably never heard of! This cocktail is sure to have you trying new things because of its combination of banana liqueur and ginger liqueur. Bring in some rum and cold brew, and you might just have the coolest cocktail recommendation for friends and family! Don’t forget to add the vanilla extract at the end though! It really brings the whole drink together and makes it a little sweeter and smoother.

1.5oz Rum

0.25oz Ginger Liqueur

0.25oz Banana Liqueur

0.75oz Cold Brew Coffee 

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