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By Paul Zahn

As temperatures are dropping and people are looking for more cold weather drinks - why not whip up cocktails featuring another fan favorite beverage - coffee? Coffee cocktails have had a resurgence over the past few years and we understand why. The espresso martini is a classic cocktail with roots in the Soho District of London during the 1980's and it's flavor profile is quite timeless. The original martini was crafted with equal parts coffee, vodka and Tia Maria liqueur. Tia Maria is created using 100% arabica cold brew coffee, Madagascar vanilla and dark Jamaican rum. The rich, delectable liqueur is quite versatile for drinks outside of the Espresso Martini. We caught up with the Countess of Coffee Cocktails, Deanna Powell for some tasty coffee cocktails - perfect for Fall and Winter 2020.

One Of a Kind

.5 oz Tia Maria 

1 oz Cognac

¼ oz Giffard Banane

¼ oz Lemon 

Egg White 

Shake with ice and dry shake and pour over ice into Collins glass with ice

Garnish: Cinnamon 


Espresso Guinness Martini 

.5 oz Tia Maria 

1.5 oz Vodka 

1 shot Espresso 

¼ oz Walnut Liqueur 

3 dashes Mole Bitters

Shake and pour into martini glass 

Topped with Guinness 


Cold Fashioned 

2 oz Bourbon
.5 oz Tia Maria
.5 oz Cold Brew 
2 dashes Black Walnut bitters

Stir and pour over ice into rocks glass

Garnish with orange peel 


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