Dry January Mocktails

Dry January Mocktails

If you've sworn off alcohol for 31 days to kick off 2021, there's no need to stow your Coaster or close out your Barsys app for the month. Our Dry January MixList is now live on the app. Discover your signature sip minus the booze. If you're using Damrak zero proof gin, check out their brand recipes to enjoy exactly as intended.

You can find the full list on our app, but here are a few to get you started.


Paloma Mocktail



2oz Grapefruit Juice

1oz Lime Juice

0.75oz Agave Nectar

4oz Tonic Water

 Capri Mocktail


1.5oz Yuzu Juice

2.5oz Club Soda

1oz Elderflower Syrup

Revitalizer Mocktail


2.5oz Carrot Juice

3.75oz Apple Juice

0.5oz Ginger Syrup

0.25oz Lime Juice

 Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

0.5oz Grenadine

0.25oz Lime Juice

5oz Ginger Ale