Elevate Your Cocktail Game with the New Barsys App – Launching Soon!

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Welcome to the future of cocktails with Barsys, your premier partner in digitizing the drinking experience through cutting-edge consumer robotics and its technologies. Barsys is more than just an app; it's a platform that bridges the gap between the world’s best cocktail curators—including top bars, renowned mixologists, influential brands, and cocktail enthusiasts like you. This unique ecosystem allows users to explore, craft, and share exceptional cocktail experiences, using Barsys hardware products as the ultimate enablers. Get ready to raise your cocktail crafting to a whole new level!

Your All-in-One Cocktail Solution

The Barsys app is the answer to all your cocktail crafting needs. This comprehensive application seamlessly integrates all Barsys devices, providing a unified experience that simplifies your interactions and enhances efficiency. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a streamlined, sophisticated cocktail crafting journey.

Revolutionized Interface and Smart Recommendations

Dive into a user interface that’s not just beautiful but brilliantly easy to navigate. Enhanced with a powerful AI-driven recommendation engine, the Barsys app understands your preferences and seasonal trends to suggest cocktails that are perfectly tailored for you. Experience personalization like never before—your next favorite drink could be just a tap away!

Connect with the World’s Best

We've partnered with the Elite of the cocktail world—elite bars, renowned mixologists, and top-tier spirit brands—to bring their expertise directly to your fingertips. These partnerships ensure that our app offers you a rich tapestry of recipes and insights, allowing you to mix drinks as the world’s best would.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Shop, Customize, and Enjoy with Ease

Explore our integrated shopping feature, where you can effortlessly purchase both Barsys equipment and the finest ingredients. Customize your profile and keep your cocktail preferences and creations synced across all your devices. Whether you're home or on the move, your cocktail crafting can travel with you.

Unmatched Support and Creative Freedom

Need help? Our enriched support features are designed to provide quick answers and solutions. The 'My Drinks' tab invites you to create, save, and personalize your own recipes. Add photos, tweak mixes, and share your concoctions with a community of enthusiastic mixologists.

Precision Meets Personalization

The Barsys app not only displays your connected devices but also offers precise control over every pour. Adjust settings to match your exact taste, and enjoy a drink mixed exactly to your specifications every time.


Are you ready to transform the way you craft cocktails? The Barsys app provides everything you need in one place, blending cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge. Excited? Subscribe to the email list to get the beta link for the beta release on May 7th or jump straight into the full experience on May 18th. Elevate your mixology game, impress your friends, and enjoy the perfect cocktail every time with the Barsys app—where technology meets taste.

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