Why Cocktails Are Served in Different Glasses

Why Cocktails Are Served in Different Glasses

Have you ever seen someone make a Negroni in a martini glass, or a margarita in a wine glass? Probably not. Sometimes the glass your cocktails comes in can be as important as the ingredients inside. Why is that? We explored three iconic cocktails that wouldn’t be the same without the glasses they're served in:

Moscow Mule

Many mixologists have chosen this simple drink to put their own unique twist. One thing that remains constant is that it ALWAYS comes in the signature copper mug.

Why you ask? The mug is at the very core of this drink itself. Despite its creation in a Hollywood pub, it was the Russian creator of the vessel that forever added 'Moscow' to the title. The Moscow Mule was created specifically for Sophie Berezinski's wares at the Cock n' Bull pub in1941 with the help of Smirnoff owner John Martin.

Copper is a great conductor, and the metal chills and insulates the ginger beer. Lastly is the taste. Whether its oxidation, or just plain awesomeness, the copper helps enhance the fizziness of the ingredients as well as the aromas.


Dirty, Dry, 50/50, gin, vodka, shaken, or stirred martinis can be made a hundred different ways, but they can always be identified by the martini glass. There is a very good reason for this too. The drink is made with ice, but is never severed with ice in the glass. The glass shape helps preserve that cool temperature for a longer period of time. It also prevents the ingredients from separating. Thanks to this glass shape, you can enjoy a chill, flavorful, martini down to the last drop.

Mint Julep

Hats, horses, and gambling. These are all things you expect to find at the very posh The Kentucky Derby. Also synonymous with The Derby, is the mint julep cocktail. Being served at the race since the 1930’s, and enjoyed by all since the 1800’s, little about this drink has changed except for how many people enjoy them every year. The iconic silver cup is known to all who enjoy the cocktail, the reasoning behind it might be less common knowledge. The history is actually the answer. Sterling silver cups have been given out as trophies, awards, gifts, and even collected by the wealthy for hundreds of years. Pair that with the oh so satisfying signature frost that surrounds the cup every time the cocktail is made, and you have the story behind the Mint Julep.