How to stock Your Home bar Barsys Vodka rum tequila mixers spirits cocktails bitters

How to Stock Your Home Bar

For those who love to entertain, an adequately stocked bar is a must. With large gatherings on the horizon, it's time to stock up and prepare your home bar for entertaining once again!

You may feel a bit intimidated when it comes to creating an at home bar and that is totally fine. However, it totally does not have to be. Creating the bar of your dreams should be fun and, as such, we have put together a guide to help you navigate the process and have the best bar around. Trust us when we say that everyone you know is sure to be jealous of your setup.

How to stock Your Home bar Barsys Vodka rum tequila mixers spirits cocktails bitters

Pick Alcohol that you actually enjoy

When starting a home bar, it can be very tempting to only want to purchase spirits and liquors that guests would find impressive. This isn't the best approach as it will result in you spending a sizeable chunk of change on something that is rarely, if ever, used. Your bar can be used for entertaining others, but it is important to keep in mind that you will be the main customer. You'll want to have the ingredients on hand to make a drink that you actually enjoy when sitting on the porch with your pup. The truth of the matter here is that your pup surely isn't going to care what your favorite vodka is.

An additional reasoning as to why it would be beneficial to select alcohol that you are a fan of is due to the fact that this is your opportunity to introduce your family and friends to flavor profiles that you find to be enjoyable. It can be a bit exciting to introduce people to combinations they may not have considered pairing up before and you are sure to be a big fan of the praise that is likely going to come your way. Is there truly anything better than hearing someone say that you know your way around the bar? We think not.

Starting a home bar can be exciting and you may have the urge to buy any and everything that you see. It's best to not get caught up in that, but rather start relatively small. It's best to buy things that you already enjoy and have experience with as there is nothing more embarrassing than having a guest over and having them request a drink using ingredients that actually have no clue how to use. Start out slowly and grow gradually. As mentioned above, you'll want to purchase the alcohol and spirits that are required for drinks that you are already familiar with. As you gain more confidence and experience, you can most definitely expand your cocktail offerings and delve into more complex alcohol options. For cocktails simple and complex, Barsys is here to guide you to the perfect pour.

We can't stress enough how important it is that the alcohol, spirits, and liquors you have on hand does not need to rival your local bar. A combination of the most well known alcohols and a few mixers is more than enough to please most guests. Let's take a closer look at some items that most well stocked in home bars will typically have.



Vodka is considered to be excellent for those who are looking to do shots, but it is also a base ingredient in several drinks such as martinis and bloody marys. It is a great mixer as it does not have a very prominent odor or taste, meaning it can easily be worked into most recipes. The vodka can be distilled from numerous different sources, but that will depend upon the manufacturer. Going with plain vodka is an excellent choice, but don't be afraid to dabble in the flavored options as well if you are feeling a bit wild.


Are you interested in going on a one-way trip to margaritaville? If so, tequila is considered to be a must have! If you are on a budget, gold tequila is usually the cheapest and is fantastic if you plan to solely use it as a mixer. If you are the type who instead enjoys tequila straight up, you may wish to opt for the purest version possible, Silver tequila. A type of silver tequila you have likely heard of before thanks to it's constant mentions in rap songs is none other than patron.



Most people associate rum with the Caribbean, but you don't have to be there to enjoy it. You can just as easily enjoy it from the comfort of your home.  When it comes to making mixed drinks, it has been said that lighter rums are best. A darker rum is best for those wish to make a punch. You are likely to get more use of the light rum as an entertainer, so we highly recommend it.


The type of mixers that you will want to have on hand will vary depending on the type of drinks you are setting out to make. To craft most basic cocktails, you’ll be covered with a supply of sprite, orange juice, pineapple juice, bitters, club soda, and cranberry juice. It's safe that juice doesn't just pair well with breakfast, but with your favorite alcohols as well. If you want to make more complex cocktails, we suggest adding bitters and grenadine as well. Angostura Aromatic Bitters will give you the greatest assortment of options and is the perfect place to start!


If you’re hosting a gathering and want to give your cocktails a little something extra, orange peels and lemon twists are the perfect place to start.  Many cocktails call for that little extra citrus infusion at the end and these two garnishes will get you the furthest in expanding your cocktail options.  Of course, if you’re leaning towards a tropical theme, it’s always good to go for a classic maraschino cherry or pineapple slice.