How to throw a standout cocktail party: tips and tricks from the pros – Barsys

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Hosting cocktail parties this holiday season can be a fun and exciting way to show off your mixology skills and impress your friends. But let's face it – nothing is worse than showing up to a lackluster event with subpar drinks. So how do you make sure your party stands out among the rest?

Here at Barsys, we've gathered some expert tips on how to throw a fabulous cocktail party that will have your guests raving. From setting up a DIY garnish bar to upgrading your barware, let's get started on making your next event one to remember.

Why is a good cocktail party important?

But why is it important to throw the best cocktail party? Not only does it show off your hosting skills, but it also sets the tone for a fun and memorable evening. As your guests arrive, they will appreciate the extra effort and attention to detail – trust us, they'll definitely thank you with an empty glass. So let's get mixing!

Tip 1: Set up a DIY Garnish Bar

Want to add a unique twist to your party? Set up a DIY garnish bar with a variety of fresh fruits, herbs, and other ingredients for guests to customize their delicious drinks. Not only will it add some fun and excitement to the event, but it also allows for personalization – allowing each guest to create their own signature drink. Plus, it looks visually stunning as a display on your bar or cocktail table.

But don't feel like you have to stick to just fresh fruit and herbs – get creative with your garnish options. Think about adding spices, syrups, edible glitter, and even edible flowers for even more customization possibilities. Don't forget about your ice cubes either. Having various ice cube shapes is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Your guests will love being able to play mixologist for the entire evening and create their own concoctions. Cheers to a DIY garnish bar!

Tip 2: Upgrade your barware

Upgrade your barware for an elevated look and experience at your cocktail party. Choose modern glassware, elegant shakers, and stylish coasters to add sophistication to the event. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail and it will make for Instagram-worthy photos.

Don't have enough barware for all your guests? Get creative with reusable options – mason jars or even stylish tumblers can do the trick. And don't forget about fancy cocktail napkins, drink stirrers, and straws – choose metallic or embellished options for a touch of glamour. Your upgraded barware will have your guests feeling like they're at a professional cocktail bar.

Tip 3: Choose The Right Cocktail Party Food Pairings

Make sure to prepare your food pairings ahead of time. Offer dishes that complement and enhance your signature cocktail – for example, serve light bites with a refreshing gin and tonic or rich meats with an old fashioned. Serving appetizers will add variety to the evening and help balance out the alcohol and allows for a more enjoyable and satisfying drinking experience.

And when in doubt, stick to classic pairings – think a charcuterie and cheese board with red wine or shrimp cocktail with a vodka martini. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness and it will elevate the overall experience at your cocktail party. So don't forget about food – it's an essential part of any successful event.

Tip 4: Make Sure Your Music Matches The Vibe of The Cocktail Parties

Don't underestimate the power of music – it can enhance the atmosphere and add to the overall experience at your cocktail party. Choose a playlist that matches the mood and flavors of your signature cocktail – think laid back acoustic tunes for refreshing fruity drinks or jazz music for classic cocktails.

And don't be afraid to get creative – consider the location and theme of your event and choose music that fits. Your party guests will appreciate the extra effort and it will make for a more memorable evening. So go ahead, turn up the tunes and let the music complement your cocktail party. Cheers!

Tip 5: Let The Barsys Make Your Signature Cocktail for You

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Not only does it make mixing drinks easier, but it also allows for customization and experimentation with new flavors. If your guests prefer not to drink alcohol, no worries, they can use the Barsys smart coaster to mix non alcoholic drinks as well. Plus, the sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to your bar setup. So upgrade your cocktail making game with the Barsys Smart Coaster and wow your guests at your next event.

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Now you know a few tips for how to throw a killer cocktail party and impress your friends Remember not to be afraid to get creative – offer a DIY garnish bar, experiment with new flavors using high-tech tools like the Barsys Smart Coaster, or choose a theme to make the evening extra special.

Your guests will appreciate the effort and attention to detail, making for a memorable evening. So go ahead, raise your glasses and enjoy your successful cocktail party. Cheers!