Introducing Barsys 2.0 I Barsys

Introducing Barsys 2.0

We launched Barsys in Fall 2018. We learned a lot from our first customers, so we improved a lot. Take a look at the upgraded features of Barsys 2.0:
  • AI learning that tracks the pressurization and depressurization throughout the cocktail making process for optimal accuracy
  • Addition of eject button for mixers, making it even easier to change out ingredient options
  • New system making bottles easier to remove and mess-free
  • Self-diagnostic feature that will alert Barsys team of any issues
  • Ability to connect up to three devices to a single machine through bluetooth
  • Upgraded accessories with sleek new design that prevents leaking
  • Redesigned app with increased user capability and customization
  • Cocktail recipes by social media’s top mixologists and popular influencers

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With Barsys, you can join an extensive community that is indulging in this revolutionary way to mix.

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