Mojito With A Twist, The Ultimate Summer Drink

Mojito With A Twist, The Ultimate Summer Drink

Mojito is a popular cocktail that has its origins in Cuba. The drink was created in the early 1900s and has since become one of the most famous cocktails in the world. Mojito is made with rum, mint, lime juice, sugar, and sparkling water. 

The Mojito cocktail is named after the Cuban city of Mojito, which was founded in the 16th century. The city is located in the province of Matanzas, on the north coast of Cuba. Mojito was originally a small fishing village but it eventually became a popular tourist destination. 

The Mojito cocktail was created by a man named Francisco "Don" Facundo Bacardi. Bacardi was born in Cuba in 1830 and he founded the Bacardi rum company in 1862. The Mojito cocktail was first served at the Bacardi family's home in Mojito, Cuba. 

Mojito became a popular drink in the United States during the Prohibition era. During this time, many Americans traveled to Cuba to drink alcohol, which was banned in the United States. Mojitos were often made with Cuban rum, which was smuggled into the United States. 

The Mojito has been popularized by many celebrities over the years, including Ernest Hemingway and Cuba's most famous export, Fidel Castro. In recent years, the Mojito has become one of the most popular cocktails in the world. 

So, there you have it: the history of the Mojito cocktail. This delicious drink has a long and interesting history, and it's no wonder that it is so famous today. If you're looking for a refreshing cocktail to enjoy, be sure to give a try to this Mojito with a twist. 


Team Barsys..


Let’s go bananas (not literally) cuz it’s mojito day. We couldn’t just stick to regular so we went all out berry & merry to bring to you a swee, sour, zingy, tall fresh drink - I think we’ve said enough!


  • White Rum - 60ml / 2oz
  • Strawberry - 2 whole
  • Orange - 2 wedge 
  • Mint leaves - 10nos 
  • Sugar syrup - 22.5ml / 0.75oz 
  • Lime juice - 15ml / 0.5oz
  • Soda water - 60ml / 2oz




Mint sprig, Strawberry slice and Orange peel




Add strawberry, orange and mint leaves in a collins glass and lightly muddle 

Add lime juice, sugar syrup and white rum, Add crushed ice and churn it with bar spoon, then fill the glass with more crushed ice

Top up with splash of soda water and briefly stir

Garnish with mint sprig, strawberry slice and orange peel.