New Barsys Coaster Guides Customers to The Perfect Cocktail

New Barsys Coaster Guides Customers to The Perfect Cocktail

Become An Instant Mixologist
Barsys is revolutionizing mixology once again with the introduction of the Coaster. The Coaster is a compact device that precisely measures each cocktail ingredient as it is poured to ensure a perfect cocktail with every glass. Enabled by Smart Bar Technology by Barsys, the Coaster turns device owners into instant mixologists that can make thousands of cocktails at a click of a button. Users of the Coaster simply input their ingredients into the Barsys App, select the cocktail they would like to make and place the glass or pitcher onto the Coaster surface. The lights change color to indicate when to start and stop pouring each ingredient, ensuring drinks taste exactly as they would at a cocktail bar in Manhattan.

“Most people don’t realize how many great cocktails they can make from just a few simple ingredients. All they’re missing is the knowhow to put it together,” said Akshet Tewari, Barsys Founder and CEO. “With the Coaster, we set out to make serving a cocktail as easy as grabbing a beer or pouring a glass of wine. Cocktail-making requires a level of skill and precision that anyone can now obtain.”

The Barsys app is free for anyone to use, with or without the purchase of a Barsys device. Users can access an extensive library of cocktails and experiment with new drink combinations. Following the launch of the Coaster, Barsys will also introduce a new app feature that brings social networking to the world of cocktails. Through this platform, users can follow influencers, share cocktail “Mixlists”, and get inspired by others’ recipes, which can then be recreated by hand or by using The Barsys Coaster or Barsys 2.0. Consumers have the option to select and add cocktails from Barsys pre-made cocktail lists to their individualized Mixlists or keep it completely unique.

Reservations Begin Today
Coasters are available for pre-order for $95 starting November 1 through the Barsys website ( and will officially launch in December with an MSRP of $149.

The Barsys Mixer comes as a gift with all pre-order purchases, pairing seamlessly with the Coaster to perfectly blend cocktails.  Internal coils control the RPMs to automatically shake or stir your cocktail depending on the recipe selection. The electro-magnetic device doesn’t require any charging or battery power, just place it on the Coaster and watch it spin. 

About Barsys
Barsys brings the bar home with innovative technology solutions and luxury barware. The company provides a one-stop-shop for all home bar needs. With the introduction of the first automated home bartender in 2018, Barsys has continued to expand their offerings. Customers can fulfill their entertainment needs with the addition of products from W&P and Riedel. Barsys is committed to the perfect pour, providing continuously upgraded technology that expands the limits of every home bar. 

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