Our Favorite Mashup: Drinks And Thanksgiving


It's time to celebrate Drinksgiving day with Barsys and all your friends! 

Read the full MixList on our blog post and let the games start. 




Team Barsys 



Home Scent

  1. Scotch whiskey 1.5 oz. 
  2. Ginger liqour 0.5 oz. 
  3. Spiced Pumpkin puree 0.5 oz. 
  4. Honey water 0.5 oz. 
  5. Lemon juice 1 oz. 
Glass: Rock glass
Difficulty Level: Medium 
  • Add all the ingredients In a mixing glass add ice, gently stir
  • Strain in the rock glass
  • Garnish with Pumpkin pie

Fam Bam

  1. Apple vodka 1.5 oz. 
  2. Amaretto 0.5 oz. 
  3. Apple cider 4 oz. 
  4. Lime juice 0.5 oz. 
Glass: Collins
Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Take a collins glass, add all other ingredients(except apple cider) and mix well. 
  • Add ice and apple cider, stir nicely
  • Garnish with apple slice and cinnamon stick

Cheery Tunes

  1. Apple cider 2 oz. 
  2. Aperol 1 oz. 
  3. Orange juice 1 oz. 
  4. Prosecco Brut 2 oz. 
Glass: White wine
Difficulty Level: Easy
  1. Add chilled Prosecco over it
  2. Garnish with Apple fan

Happy High

  • Tequila 1.5 oz. 
  • Passionfruit liquor 0.5 oz. 
  • Campari 0.25 oz. 
  • Lime juice 0.5 oz. 
  • Pineapple juice 1 oz. 

Glass: Rock glass
Difficulty Level: Medium. 
  • Add all the ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice and mix it nicely
  • Fine strain into a ice filled rock glass
  • Garnish with pineapple wedge

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