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What to Drink While Online Shopping

It’s that time of the year again. Family is getting back together (some only virtually), people are putting up decorations too early, and of course; people are drinking their favorite things. But we can’t forget about why everyone is together in the first place… LOVE (*ahem* gifts). 

Whatever holidays you celebrate, you’re probably going to be doing some serious shopping. And this out of all years, this is going to be the year that most of it is done online. Seeing as the whole work from home period has everyone enjoying their favorite cocktail with nothing to worry about, we can bet that while you’re picking out that little something, you’ll be enjoying a cold or hot beverage.

Here’s the best drinks to have while online shopping:

Hot Toddy Recipe
Searching for the perfect gift for that special someone? This usually requires lots of time and close inspection. You’re gonna be scrolling for at least a few pages, and you might as well have something that will keep you nice and warm as you scour the web. Therefore, we recommend Liquor Lab’s JAJA Toddy! What better to sip on bundled up in a blanket and seeing the wintery outdoors than a beverage that keeps you all warm inside.

1.5oz Anejo Tequila

0.5oz Ginger Honey

0.5oz Orange Juice

5oz Hot Water

For the lightning fast shopper trying to get the first cyber Monday deal, or the last PS5 left in stock, we recommend Grey Goose’s Espresso Martini. Look, this is going to be a holiday season unlike any other. Your reflexes will need to be extra sharp! EVERYONE will be trying to snag that last item before it runs out of stock, and what better way to get an edge than to have a little extra caffeine in your system. We could have recommended a vodka red bull but we want to make sure your hands don’t accidentally type the keyboard keys out of the computer.

2oz Vodka

0.5oz Cafe Liqueur

1oz Single Origin Espresso

Lastly, for the person who might not always have a gift early, but nevertheless gets the job done, we recommend the White Christmas. Maybe you’re celebrating with family and realize you forgot one of the siblings-in-law was going to be there, and haven’t gotten them that extra pair of socks. No worries, while you casually go online and two day ship it without anyone knowing, you can keep sipping on this delicious cocktail that makes you feel like Santa.

 0.5oz Chocolate Liqueur 

1oz Whiskey Fruit Spice Liqueur 

4oz Egg Nog

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