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Craft Cocktails Like a Pro

Discover the Barsys Mixer, your gateway to effortless and precise cocktail crafting at home. Revolutionize your mixology game with our intuitive mixer, designed to simplify the art of cocktail-making and bring the bar experience to your fingertips.

Mixology Reimagined

Elevate your home bar experience with the Barsys Mixer Glass, your ultimate cocktail companion. Paired with the Barsys app, this sophisticated glassware simplifies the art of cocktail crafting, guiding you through each recipe with precision and ease. Embrace the future of mixology as you effortlessly pour, mix, and serve perfectly balanced drinks. Whether you're a seasoned bartender or a novice enthusiast, the Barsys Mixer Glass ensures every cocktail is a masterpiece.

Effortless Mixing

The Barsys Mixer Glass is designed to simplify your cocktail crafting experience at home. Integrated seamlessly with the Barsys app, this innovative glass guides you through each step of creating your favorite drinks. Whether you're a novice or an expert mixologist, the Mixer Glass ensures that you achieve consistently perfect results every time you mix a cocktail. With its user-friendly interface and precise measurements, crafting delicious drinks has never been easier.


Product Description

How it Works

The Barsys Mixer is the ultimate companion for cocktail enthusiasts, seamlessly integrating with other Barsys products for a complete cocktail-making experience. Simply follow along on your device as the Mixer ensures precision and consistency in every cocktail. Whether used independently or alongside the Barsys Coaster, the Mixer elevates your mixology game, making it easier than ever to craft delicious cocktails at home.

Place mixer or glass on any Barsys products

Add ingredients to the app

Select from pre-programmed cocktails or customize your own

Enjoy the perfect cocktail


Bluetooth 5.1

iOS, Android



Height: 16cm

Diameter: 8.50cm

Volume: 400ml

Weight: 250 gms

The App

The Barsys App connects to the device using Bluetooth. Download the Barsys App.

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Technical Details


The Barsys 360 can craft cocktails with up to six ingredients such as spirits, fresh juice and mixers, holding a volume of 900 ml Or 30 Oz in each ingredient canister.

Power Requirements

A 5V, 2A supply to function. The machine is powered using a USB Power adapter which can use universal input of 240V/110V.


6 Stations

What's included in the Box

  • Mixer


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

How does the Barsys Mixer integrate with other Barsys products?

The Barsys Mixer seamlessly integrates with other Barsys products, such as the Barsys Coaster, for a complete cocktail-making experience.

Is the Barsys Mixer easy to use?

Absolutely! The Barsys Mixer simplifies cocktail crafting at home, providing step-by-step instructions on the Barsys app for effortless mixing.

Can I craft a variety of cocktails with the Barsys Mixer?

Yes, the Barsys Mixer allows you to craft a wide range of cocktails by following the instructions on your device and pouring the ingredients into the Mixer Glass.

What makes the Barsys Mixer different from other cocktail-making tools?

The Barsys Mixer ensures precision and consistency in every cocktail, making it easier than ever to craft delicious drinks at home. Its integration with the Barsys app provides a guided experience, eliminating the need for guesswork.

Is the Barsys Mixer Glass dishwasher-safe?

Yes, the Barsys Mixer Glass is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. However, we recommend hand washing for optimal longevity.

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