Barsys 2.0+

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Master Cocktail Artistry

Step up your cocktail game with Barsys 2.0+! Craft over 2,000 cocktails effortlessly. Just load your favorite spirits, mixers, and let Barsys 2.0+ do the magic. It's mixology made simple!

Automated Robotic Bartender

The Barsys 2.0+ is your at home bartender. It can mix more than 2,000 different cocktail recipes with just the press of a button. The app works along with the Barsys Machine to produce hand crafted cocktails, personalized to your liking. Simply add your favorite alcohol and mixers and discover the endless recipe combinations available at your fingertips.

Craft Cocktails in 20 seconds

Craft any of your favorite cocktails from our Barsys library or create your own. We have a cocktail library with over 10,000 possible combinations for cocktail recipes.

App available on Android and iOS

You can connect your phone or smart tablet to the Barsys 2.0+ through the Barsys App. Just download the app, create an account and begin crafting your favorite cocktails.

Sleek Metal Case Design

The machine is made with food grade polycarbonate, giving it a sleek and professional design, perfect to elevate any kitchen.

Automated Cleaning

Our machine also comes equipped with an automated self-cleaning feature. When you are finished, just run the cleaning feature and you can get back to enjoying your handcrafted cocktails in no time.


Product Description

How it Works

Simply load your machine with your five favorite spirits & three mixers. Select your cocktails from the Barsys App, and watch as your beverage is poured with speed and precision. The Barsys 2.0+ moves your glass left to right, dispensing the exact amounts of each ingredient and can make a limitless number of cocktails. You can customize any of the drinks to meet your own personal preferences or create your own signature drinks from scratch. The lighting feature lets you know the progress of your recipe completion along the way. Up lighting prominently displays each spirit you selected, so guests will always know that you are serving them the best.



Length - 50 cm
Width - 34 cm
Height - 40 cm


Bluetooth 5.1

iOS, Android

The App
What's included in the Box

3 Metal canisters

  • 1 Patented wireless mixer
  • 1 Removable spill tray for easy cleaning
  • 5 Bottle mounts

What’s Included in the Box

  • 3 Metal canisters

  • 1 Patented wireless mixer

  • 5 Bottle mounts

  • User Manual


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

How do I put the liquor bottles on?

Simply insert one of the mounts into the neck of the bottle after removing the bottle cap. Once the mount is inserted into the bottle correctly, flip the bottle and press into one of 5 slots on top of the machine until the mount is flush with the top of the 2.0+

How do I insert the canisters?

Once you fill the canister with whichever mixer you’d like, make sure to put the cap back on the canister. Once sealed, slide the canister into one of the three slots on the side, lining up the circular hole on the cap with the bottom center of the slot. Press the canister into the side of the machine and you will hear and feel a click which means the canister is locked into place.

What liquids can the machine not process?

The Barsys 2.0+ can handle almost any alcohol and mixer. Make sure the bottle mount fits inside the bottle neck of whichever bottles you place on top of the machine. For mixers, we advise avoiding honey/any similarly highly viscous liquids or juices with a heavy concentration of seeds/pulp.

How do I clean the mixer slots?

Once finished with your mixers, all you need to do is fill each canister with lukewarm water and a little bit of soap, and run the “station cleaning” tool within the Barsys app. This will clean out all the mixer lines, and after using soap water just use plain water to eliminate any residual soap/foam left after the first station cleaning process is run.

How do I power and connect the machine?

Simply plug the power cord into any standard outlet, once turned on the machine will begin blinking green which means it is ready to be paired with Bluetooth.

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