Barsys 360

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Master Mixology with Barsys 360

Craft perfect cocktails effortlessly with Barsys, your ultimate at-home mixology companion. With Barsys 360, enjoy expertly curated recipes and cutting-edge technology that guides you through crafting personalized cocktails.

Endless Recipe Inspiration

With the Barsys App, your cocktail creativity knows no bounds. Explore an extensive library of recipes, ranging from classic favorites to innovative concoctions crafted by renowned mixologists.

Personalized Recommendations

The Barsys App goes beyond just providing recipes and products. Through advanced algorithms and user preferences, it offers personalized recommendations tailored to your taste and preferences. Discover new flavor combinations, trending recipes, and suggestions that match your unique cocktail journey, ensuring each drink is a delightful experience.

Seamless Integration

The Barsys App seamlessly integrates with Barsys devices, allowing you to control and customize your cocktail-making experience with ease. From adjusting measurements to selecting specific ingredients, you have complete control over every aspect of your drink. Connect, explore, and elevate your mixology game with a user-friendly interface that puts the power in your hands.

Ingenious Design

Discover the ingenious fusion of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in the Barsys 360, revolutionizing your cocktail experience with effortless elegance.

Transcendent Experience

Immerse yourself in a transcendent cocktail journey, where Barsys 360 surpasses boundaries, creating unforgettable moments that elevate your spirits.

Exquisite Cocktails

Indulge in the artistry of mixology with our curated cocktails, expertly crafted using the Barsys 360. Elevate your home bar experience as you savor the flavors and sophistication of each exquisite cocktail.


Product Description

How it Works

Easily connect your phone or tablet to Barsys 360 via Bluetooth. Pour your favorite spirits and mixers into the designated stations. Input your selections into the app, choosing from curated drinks or customizing your own. Sit back and enjoy as Barsys 360 crafts the perfect cocktail tailored to your taste preferences.

Connect via bluetooth from phone or tablet

Pour Ingredients into the Barsys 360 stations

Input spirits and mixers into the app

Choose from our curated drinks or customize your own

Enjoy the perfect cocktail



Length: 44.09 cm

Base: 20.39 cm

Height: 43.03 cm

Net weight

Ten Pounds (without liquid)


Bluetooth 5.1

iOS, Android

The App

The Barsys App connects to the device using Bluetooth, which users can control all basic functionalities of the Barsys 360. Download the Barsys App.

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Technical Details


The Barsys 360 can craft cocktails with up to six ingredients such as spirits, fresh juice and mixers, holding a volume of 900 ml Or 30 Oz in each ingredient canister.

Power Requirements

A 5V, 2A supply to function. The machine is powered using a USB Power adapter which can use universal input of 240V/110V.


6 Stations

What's included in the Box

  • Barsys 360

  • USB C Cable

  • User Manual

  • Proprietary Funnel


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

How do you put liquid inside?

By using our funnel, which is included with every machine! Simply insert the funnel into any of the slots and pour whichever ingredient is desired.

How do you power the machine?

By connecting the USB-C cable to the Barsys 360 and the other end to a viable power supply

How do you clean it?

The 360 has a simple 2 step cleaning process.By running the “station cleaning” feature on the app, you can easily clean the machine without removing anything. Just mix the cleaning solution that comes in the box with some water, fill whichever station you want it to clean and flush it all out with the station cleaning button on the app.

What liquids can the machine not process?

Any and all alcohols and mixers will work inside! The only ingredients we advise avoiding are honey/any similarly highly viscous liquids or juices with a heavy concentration of seeds/pulp. Creams, liqueurs, and syrups all work fine.

Will the 360 keep my liquids cold?

While not refrigerated, the machine is fully insulated which allows it to maintain any liquid temperature for up to 6 hours after filling it inside the machine. Put in a cold liquid straight from the fridge, it will stay cold!

Do I need to use the mixer glass with it?

No, you can use any glass you’d like or a plastic cup with a couple ice cubes. Just make sure that the glass fits in the middle of the machine and is under the spouts where the liquid comes from

How much liquid does each station hold?

Each station holds just about 1 liter of liquid, making the full capacity of the 360 6 liters.

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