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Tropical Julep

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Tropical Julep by @the.g.and.tonic

50ml pineapple Oban Whiskey
20ml pineapple Plantation Rum
10ml heavy simple syrup
Few mint leaves
1 pineapple chunk
To make the pineapple infused whiskey, add a few pieces of fresh pineapple into a jar filled with whiskey! Let the infusion happen for at least 24 hours.

Scottish Nail

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Scottish Nail by @the.g.and.tonic


50ml Johnnie Walker double black
20ml Drambuie liqueur
25ml freshly pressed pomegranate juice
2-3 dashes of angostura bitters
10ml fresh lemon juice
5-10ml Simple syrup (1:1)
In a cocktail shaker, shake all ingredients until chilled! Pour into a prechilled old fashioned wine glass.

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