What’s Included

PATRÓN Margarita Glasses

Lime Squeezer

Salt Rimmer



The Barsys Coaster turns the cocktail lover into an instant bartender. The compact device precisely measures each cocktail ingredient as it is poured to ensure a perfect drink with every glass. Enabled by Smart Bar Technology, The Coaster will help you find your signature drink and hundreds of cocktails at a click of a button.


The Barsys Coaster App is your resource for the #PerfectPour
Don't have a Coaster? You can still join in on the fun! The new explore function and vast recipe lists can help anyone discover the perfect cocktail for any occasion.

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Finish your ultimate bar with the ultimate accessories. Get everything you need to craft and serve your cocktails from W&P and Riedel.



Be sure you are using the correct app. The Coaster is only compatible with the Barsys Coaster, not the Barsys, app. The download for iOS can be found here
The app connects to the Coaster using Bluetooth. Be sure you are using the Barsys Coaster app, not the Barsys app.
The Coaster is compatible with the Barsys Mixing Glass or any drinking glass. When using paper/plastic cups, be sure to fill with two or more standard size ice cubes in order for the Coaster to detect.
The lights vary in color notifying you when to start/stop pouring each ingredient, tracking ingredient progress, and alerting you when to place and remove your glass.
Limited-edition products are not available for return. In the case of manufacturer defect, please email Contact@thebarsys.com and we will replace your Coaster.
No. There is no alcohol in your kit. The Patron Margarita kit includes a Barsys Coaster, two margarita glasses, a salt rimmer, a shaker, and a lime squeezer. To complete the kit with a bottle of Tequila visit Patrontequila.com

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