Barsys 2.0
2.0 Mounts / Set of 5
2.0 Mixer
2.0 Cannisters / Set of 3
Stainless Steel Bar Spoon
Cocktail Rimmer
Copper Flask
White Crushed Ice Cube Tray
Charcoal Crushed Ice Cube Tray
White Extra Large Ice Cube Tray
Charcoal Extra Large Ice Cube Tray
W&P The Bartender's Knife
W&P 5" Gold Stainless Steel Straw
W&P 5" Silver Stainless Steel Straw
W&P 5" Copper Stainless Steel Straw
Set of 2 Riedel Neat Crystal Glasses
Set of 2 Riedel Rocks Crystal Glasses
Set of 2 Riedel Fizz Crystal Glasses
Set of 2 Riedel Highball Crystal Glasses
Set of 2 Riedel Sour Crystal Glasses
Set of 2 Riedel Nick & Nora Crystal Glasses
Set of 2 Riedel Extreme Martini Crystal Glasses


Barsys comes with mobile application that communicates with the machine, thermally insulated containers that hold temperature for 15-18 hours as well as an interactive lighting system that acquaints the user with the progress of their drink – all under 30 seconds! All you got to do is place your favourite base spirits on top of the machine and your favourite mixers in the thermally insulated containers provided with the machine. You can choose your cocktail from Barsys original recipes that will be recommended to you based on the liquor and mixers in the machine or you may customise and make your own. By pouring each liquor independently and precisely Barsys will deliver your favourite cocktail within few seconds.
Barsys currently offers 2000+ pre-fed recipes and unlimited customization for its user.
Yes, Barsys is completely customisable to an individual’s preferences. It comes with pre-fed original recipes that you can choose from but also offers you the option to customize them and if you choose to make your own recipe you have all the features on the app to do so.
We know that receiving your order in a timely manner is of great importance to you - so we do our best to ensure the quickest delivery times possible. Barsys machines and accessories are manufactured in India and so your order may have a long way to travel to you & we want to make sure that your order arrives in good condition.

Shipping Times:
Barsys Machines and Accessories: (30-45 days)
Other Accessories: (5-7 days)

Pease note shipping times are based on our experiences and can't be guaranteed. Due to postal mishandling, customs authorities or natural hindrances, in very exceptional cases delivery time may take longer.
Currently Barsys is available in USA, UK and India only.
Barsys provides a one year limited warranty that offers technical support.