Smart Coaster

The Barsys Coaster instantly turns cocktail lovers into home bartenders. Simply select your drink and follow the instructions on the app. Watch as the Coaster vibrantly illuminates, changing colors to indicate when to start and stop pouring each ingredient. Once the cocktail is complete, remove the glass from the Coaster and enjoy!



The Barsys 2.0 is a smart automated cocktail-making machine, also known as a robotic bartender. Create perfect drinks at home with nothing more than the click of a button. Simply load your machine with your five favorite spirits & three mixers. Select your cocktails from the Barsys App, and watch as your glass moves and your drink is poured precisely. Up lighting prominently displays each spirit you chose, so guests will always know that you are serving them the best.

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Coaster + electromagnetic
Mixer package

Have your cocktail and mix it too. The Barsys electromagnetic mixer is a tornado in a glass, aerating your drink as you pour by simulating a shaken effect. Create perfectly balanced drinks at home by combining your Coaster purchase with our mixer.

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cocktails in the palm
of your hand

Explore, craft, and share hundreds of cocktails from your favorite brands and mixologists from your smart device. Discover new recipes with our MixLists to find out what your should make next. Input your ingredients to find what's ready to pour now. Pour perfectly with a Barsys device, or use without to craft by hand.

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