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Today we bring you 3 red wine cocktails made out of Malbec! This wine is dry, full-bodied, and exhibit rich, dark fruit nose and flavors like blackberry and red plum. A good glass of Malbec with asado during the weekends is a typical custom from Argentina. Today, in American, we enjoy it the same way or at a bar.

Back in 2011, Argentina stablished the World Malbec Day, that is now celebrated all around the world. Go get that bottle of Malbec and celebrate its national holiday in good company!


Team Barsys


New York Sour


  • Bourbon whiskey 60ml 2oz
  • Lemon juice 20ml 2/3oz
  • Sugar syrup 15ml 1/2oz
  • Malbec red wine 15ml 1/2oz
  • Egg white 1nos


  • Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker ( except Red wine)
  • Add ice, shake well and fine strain in an ice filled old fashioned glass
  • Slowly pour the Malbec red wine over the back of a bar spoon so that the wine floats on top of the drink
  • Garnish with the orange peel twist discard


Why Whine?


  • Malbec Red wine 150ml 5oz
  • Fresh Orange juice 30ml 1oz
  • Soda water/ Sprite 90ml 3oz


  • Add ice in a red wine glass
  • Add all other ingredients into the glass and mix well
  • Garnish with orange wheel slice

Vino Vibe


  • Malbec red wine 120ml 4oz
  • Cognac 15ml 1/2oz
  • Orange Liqueur 15ml 1/2oz
  • Orange juice 90ml 3oz


  • Add all ingredients in a mixing glass and mix well
  • Then add orange and strawberry slices in it and keep it over night
  • Serve in a chilled wine glass

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